Environmental Archive Software (XEAS)


This product has been designed to meet the EPA AHERA requirements for maintaining asbestos management plans.  The software is designed to provide easy retrieval and display of all AHERA related documents.

Documents can be located, printed and displayed within minutes by school administrators, state and federal compliance officers, local inspectors or other persons at any school location where this product is installed.

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Print x x
  Preset Search Keys x x
  Preset Category Lists x x
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Pricing (based on 1 campus) $660.00 $900.00

General Information
PC Based
Works with Windows
Password security
Can be accessed by SQL
Onsite support is $80 per hour (Plus expenses if necessary).
Phone/Online support is $0 for the first 30 days after purchase.
Network version is Windows version 2000 or greater, and uses a shared network drive.
Will run under Citrix and Terminal Services.

Minimum PC requirements:
Windows 2000 pro, Windows XP, Windows Vista (business or higher), Windows 7 (pro or higher), 32 or 64 bit processor, Citrix, Terminal Services 64 mb memory, 200 mb hard disk space.

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