XEM  Features  Comparison

XEM is easy to use software that helps to insure extended life of your

production equipment.  It is available in English and Spanish.

A few of XEM's features are:










Personnel Database (data not included)

Works with Windows 7 and higher & Window Server 2008 and higher

X X X Standard labor rates - X X


Multiple labor rates - X X
Standard Microsoft database X X X Multiple job classifications - X X
Password security X X X Maintenance activity report by employee - X X
Machine Database (data not included) Maintenance Inventory (data not included)
Allows detailed task definitions X X X Inventory bin labels X X X
Extensive notes capabilities X X X Preferred vendor designation X X X

Digital images

     (photos, drawings, etc.)

X X X Multiple vendors for each product - X X
Rapid methods for copying data X X X

Re-order, minimum and

     maximum controls

- X X
Where-used lists for parts X X X Inventory usage history X X X
Machine identification labels X X X Inventory usage statistics - X X
Machine Status Display - X X Multiple methods to lookup parts X X X
Price History - X X
Equipment Maintenance History Reference Library (data not included)

Track labor cost by type of work  

    electrical, mechanical, etc.) 

- X X Ability to store & retrieve pdf's & - X X

Chronological maintenance history 

     by machine

- X X Word documents such as MSDS      
            or other reference material      
            related to machines or parts        
Preventive Work Orders Corrective Work Orders
Planning work sheet -   X Maintenance procedures with photos - X X
User-defined frequencies X X X Status reports - X X

Schedules using previous

     completion date

- X X

Plant Floor Work Requests

Maintenance routing - X X Work request can be entered by anyone - X X
Multiple preventive work order formats  - X X Safety request tracking - X X
Operator-based work orders (TPM) - X X


Maintenance procedures with photos X X X        
Maintenance cards X X X        
Status reports - X X        

Options (Additional Cost)

Electric Motor Database (data not included) Tablet Interface Option
Track motors - X X Paperless preventive work orders - X X
Motor history - X X Paperless corrective work orders - X X
Search database using motor specs  - X X Physical inventory input - X X
        Inventory issues & receipts - X X
        Wireless Interface - X X

OEE / Downtime Analysis Option

Purchasing Option

Data collection using Tablet - X X Below minimum requisitions - X X
Downtime reports - X X Request for quotes - X X
OEE reports - X X Purchase orders - X X
        Purchase orders receipts - X X
        Finance approval and control  - X X

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